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Led by a seasoned team of world class experts in the areas of data mining, data warehousing, data operations, and market research and database marketing, DMX Group offers a full range of business and technical consulting services. Virtually every company has data mining problems today. Be it on customer data, revenue and sales data, or operations and production data. Yet in today’s market place, there is no clear partner to help when it comes to data mining projects: both at the strategy and implementation levels. DMX Group is the go-to partner when it comes to high-end data mining and strategy formulation. The details are what matters when it comes to building the proper data infrastructure to drive value into the business. Our clients span the range of enterprises from those who have built a substantial data infrastructure to those who are in the process of building a data infrastructure. Our clients typically fall in one of the following categories:

 • Clients who have built a working data warehousing infrastructure and need to enhance it with data mining technology to derive new revenues, predict customer behavior, forecast market trends, or detect anomalies such as fraud, abuse, or lost revenue opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers. DMX Group can implement the state-of-the-art solution in advanced data mining algorithms and technology.

• Clients who are planning or are in the process of building a data warehousing and BI infrastructure and need assistance in reviewing or building their system, DMX Group can assist with proven systems methodology and practical design experience. We have retrofitted data legacy warehouse systems with solutions that brought life to data and dollars to the bottom line.


DMX Group is unique in its ability to deliver business solutions instead of the market norm of delivering technical systems and complex algorithms. We recognize through our vast experience in deploying data mining techniques into working business systems that an essential ingredient in the successful BI and Data Mining solution is the simplicity of usage, the ease of understandability of the insights, and the convenience of usage that make it possible for business people to use data for everyday business decisions. DMX Group understands that the primary job of business people is not becoming technologists.

DMX Group offers a full range of services to help its clients identify Customer Intelligence (CI) opportunities, formulate strategies to leverage the opportunity, build systems to implement the strategy and provide resources that enable them to mine, understand and act on the data they collect. The service offerings include:

 • Needs Assessment & Analysis Services to identify CI opportunities and the gaps that exist in current business and technical infrastructure. Our team will partner with your people to make specific business and technical/system recommendations that fit your organizations needs.

 • Systems Development & Management provide research and development resources to build custom CI solutions to fulfill the CI opportunity. These systems include data warehousing, data mining, data-driven intelligent CRM and web technology.

 • Business & Analysis Services provide expert services to enable customers to understand and act on their CI. DMX Group provides data mining and analysis expertise to interpret data as well as database and web marketing expertise to guide successful programs for increasing customer loyalty, finding new revenues from existing as well as new customers; and detecting and correcting problems such as fraud, abuse, and wasted resources.